An independent creative studio grounded in concept generation and content driven design and art direction.

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Ideas are fundamental to our practice—because considered
concepts lead to the most unique outcomes. We take pride
in creating refined, editorially-driven work that is not just
beautiful, but also empathetic and ambitious.

The studio values collaboration at all levels, from conception
to production. Put simply—design is a creative dialogue we enjoy.

The Studio

Working fluently across art direction and design, we are a full service studio that works internationally, with clients in the fashion, lifestyle and cultural sectors.

We offer a holistic ‘360’ approach to projects of any size and intricacy. Creating well-crafted design solutions across print and digital media—from campaigns and identities, to publications, films and websites.


We keep our team intentionally small, allowing our designers personal ownership, so nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, we have an established network of talented creatives whom we collaborate with. If a project requires specialist skills, we can bring in trusted experts at the top of their profession—be they editors, photographers, stylists, copywriters, directors or developers.

We find this collaborative way of working leads not just to successful results from project to project, but to valuable ongoing partnerships between us, our clients and our collaborative network.

Charlotte Heal was educated at the Royal College of Art, London, and founded the studio in 2007. Known for her refined aesthetic, hawk-eyed attention to detail and interest in the uncanny, she also complements the studio practice with lecturing both in the UK and abroad. Recent engagements include Here London, Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design and Meal Ticket at KK Outlet.


We revere being a part of the design industry that doesn’t follow cheap trends or passing fads but strives to produce work that is intelligent, enduring, and distinctive. We achieve this by working with a clearly conceived approach that maps out every step of a project:


We work together with clients to define the key objectives of the project, set clear goals and deadlines, and gain a detailed understanding of the brief.


We then dive deep into research, leaving no stone unturned in understanding the project from all angles. We ask copious amounts of questions and aren’t afraid to challenge our clients.


Once the conceptual platform is agreed, the design process begins in earnest; investigating the concept across key deliverables, exploring all aspects of the design including stylistic approach, format, production and materiality, always working from within our conceptual framework.


When we’re ready, we invite the client to review our development work, then collaborate with them to refine and adjust the idea and visual direction, select and engage potential collaborators and prepare to realise the project ‘in the flesh’.


Working with our chosen team, we set about bringing the project to life, be that with editors, web developer, at photoshoots, or managing printers and fabricators. At this stage we are acutely focused on quality and ensuring the project is taking shape as intended. At regular intervals, we review our progress with the client, working together to ensure the final product is flawless.



  • Identity Design
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Guidelines
    Art Direction
    Creative Consultation

Editorial, Print
& Packaging

  • Book Design
    Editorial Design
    Brochures and Reports
    Promotional Material

Online & Digital

  • Website design
    Website Developement
    Digital Strategy


  • Signage and Wayfinding
    Exhibition Design
    Interior Graphics